HR Services

Final Career Overseas has four areas of expertise: Outsourced HR, Outsourced IT, Recruitment Process Outsourcing and Back Office Support. Each expertise is sub-categorized for services to be tailored and fit to the unique needs and demands of clients.

You can “shrink and swell” your business organization painlessly and economically by converting from fixed to variable cost structure. You can improve employee retention rates by avoiding costly knowledge transfer and you can avoid specialized assessment and other tool costs to ultimately improve your business operations.

Final Career Overseas  will not only get your outsourcing jobs effectively and efficiently but also, will free up your time and reduce your costs.

Outsourced Human Resources


a)  Executive Search
Final Career Overseas specialists have placed thousands of people in different companies throughout the world. PNI specialists often conduct cross border, collaborative searches for some of the world’s largest companies, as well as conducting senior executive searches for early stage companies.
The search strategy involves working in close coordination with clients. Important to this process is a clear understanding of the client’s culture, the expectations for the position, their tasks and responsibilities and necessary skills qualifications.
Once our specialists have deployed a position profile, defining the search strategy to find the best person for the job is the next step.
Final Career Overseas professionals prepare a confidential candidate assessment report, which is then presented to the client for review. Candidate Identification and Assessment then follows. Final Career Overseas  specialists contact, meet and assess a short list of potential candidates through telephone and personal interviews.

b) Staffing (Employee Contracting)

Clients can freely choose their own staff from Final Career Overseas  pool of qualified candidates and have them under our employ. Each client is unique and has special and unique need therefore  Final Career Overseas  flexibility creates an arrangement “customizes” the services better to respond to the client’s particular requirements.

c) Payroll Outsourcing

Final Career Overseas specialists administer employees’ payroll, keep records, and handle all other employment requirements as well as providing periodic reports and proof of payments for remittances such as SSS, ECC, Medicare and the like.

d) Staff Hosting

Final Career Overseas Provides hosting services to clients. The office resources are used for your employees here in the office. Final Career Overseas offers payroll and administrative functions as well as providing staff, workstation and facilities to reduce the clients’ operating costs and maximizing operational efficiency.
IT Workforce, CAD Designers, Structural Designers, 3D Animation, Web Development, Web Writers, are some of the most in demand positions Union Manpower Services can HOST or you can outsource.

e) Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Client can outsource one or the entire recruitment process to Final Career Overseas Services

  • Maintain and Update Client Database
  • Formatting Resumes and Portfolio Management
  • Maintain and Update Client Database
  • Resume Screening
  • Pre-Employment Screening/ Background Check
  • Candidate Sourcing through Databases
  • Coordinating Candidate and Client Interviews
  • Finalizing Candidate and Client Employment