OUR GUESTS ARE IN A SAFE AND HOMELY ATMOSPHERE IF THEY COME TO US. Final Career Overseas prefers to select candidates through employer’s representatives, when we are assigned duties, we are sure to ensure proper selection as per employer’s requirements through our qualified personnel. The services of technical institutions are available for testing highly technical subjects. We also provide the following services on behalf of clients.
  • After Receiving Manpower requirements, we seek permission from Protector of Emigrants.

  • Job facilities are advertised in widely circulated daily newspapers.

  • After short listing the applications, for interviews and trade test. Candidate’s skill is tested practically to evaluate the workmanship and his conformity to international standard.

  • Every prospective candidate undergoes strict medical examination including complete physical checkup, chest, X-Rays, etc from approved medical centers recognized by GCC.

  • We are responsible for the visa stamping process and collection of the passport from the concerned Embassy / Consulate.

  • After stamping visa, we submit passports, for registration with the Protector of Emigrants.

  • Good relations with all leading Airlines, efficient reservation and in time dispatch professionally.

As a part of our continuing commitment of services to our clients we provide a number of services to the employer and concerned employees to have a sustained relationship and also to make the job of the employer easy and realistic.